Sunday, January 29, 2017

The 4th Grade Robotics and Engineering Challenge for this Spring is the constructing a crossbow and target practice.  The challenge will be hunting a few animal figures.  The students will have to aim from a set of predetermined distances to determine which would be the optimal distance for hitting the target.

Week 2-- We are a few steps closer to testing the crossbow kits.

Week 3--We had everyone back on our TEAMS this week.  We love when everyone is here to share in the fun and learning.

Week 4--Team 1 achieved a successful completion of their progress.  They are now testing the range of launch.  Team 2 needs to mesh as a team and finish their project.  They have the potential to be successful too.

Week 5--This week proved to be very time consuming.  The entire class worked together to improve the design and construction of  Team 2's crossbow.  We also had several classmates out. 

Week 6 & 7--Students combined efforts to help Team 2!

Week 8-- Positive Progress!  We need these crossbows for Robotics and Engineering Day!!!

Weeks 9-12 were spent improving the robot design, testing the robot and completing any last minute additions.

April 12, 2017---The day that we have all been waiting for.  The robots are ready to compete and the students are anxiously awaiting the performance that will result from weeks of work.

And the winners are...

1st Place – Claudy, Tate, Trey and Jordan
2nd Place – Belle, Emma Kate, Ann Currin and Natalee

Check out the video of our Robotics and Engineering Day! CLICK HERE